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Summary0000339: The order of the list of files in updates.txt
DescriptionI've basically finished the CI build of md5(I just thought of a way to bypass the msvc crash today so)
But there is one problem: the order of the list of files output by the program I wrote is very different from ssp, so I'm wondering what I should do to mimic the order of the ssp files, after all, no one wants to see the md5 files just reordered without substantial changes
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duplicate of 0000155 assignedponapalt Ghosts sometimes stop appearing on top when clicking to another window 



2021-10-31 10:20

administrator   ~0000866

Update process is not affected by the order of updates.txt, so you don't need to do anything special.
Generation of updates.txt in SSP depends on the order of file enumeration in Windows, so it is difficult to imitate it completely on other operating systems.

You will probably get similar results if you sort ignoring case.


2021-11-01 00:33

reporter   ~0000868

Despite a few twists and turns, the CI fix for md5 is almost complete!
There are a few issues that need your help.
1. I would like to standardize the ordering of updates.txt (since the CI generated updates.txt content is hardly the same as ssp), so could we use the wstring dictionary order in the next ssp version if it is convenient?
2. the program that produces the update file doesn't seem to be able to get the last update date of the file correctly, I'd be happy if you could help: I'm really desperate XD

and the Ci builder is set up so that it can handle "! filter rules", so feel free to copy the code if you want to borrow it


2021-11-01 01:26

reporter   ~0000869

It also looks like this program generates a different md5 for some files than ssp, dammit
I'm going to deal with these tomorrow, if I know how
Right now I need to sleep.


2021-11-01 19:24

reporter   ~0000870
md5 issue fixed


2021-11-06 19:56

administrator   ~0000885


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