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Summary0000629: animation*.option,background stops working if surface that containes it is used in an animation of a different surface
DescriptionIf a surface containing an animation with option,background is used in a different surface's animation.pattern, the display order dictated by option,background stops working in that different surface.

For example:
Surface100 has an animation that contains option,background. If this surface is called by itself, the display order will work as normal.
However, if surface12 has an animation, that contains surface100 as .pattern,overlay,100,0,0,0 , the display order for surface100 will break and instead display as though option,background was not present in surface100.

SSP/2.6.61 (20240226-0; Windows NT 10.0.19045)
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2024-04-14 03:59

reporter   ~0001484

I should mention that this is about dressup nesting.
If a dressup is specified with option,background and is nested, the option,background will stop working.

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