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Summary0000619: Save information about firstboot soon after firstboot occurs, to avoid data loss
DescriptionIt seems that SSP saves certain data, such as the fact that OnFirstBoot has been completed, into the profile folder after the ghost has been unloaded. This has the unfortunate effect that if SSP crashes or is otherwise improperly closed after a ghost has been booted for the first time, but the ghost hadn't been *closed* yet, OnFirstBoot will run for a second time when they start the ghost again. In many cases, this means the user's data in that ghost will be reset, even if the user had been running the ghost for several hours.

This has been an issue for ghosts such as KEEP FROZEN:
When this ghost is first booted, it initializes some arrays to keep track of various stats, and to hold the user's collection of items. But there has been at least one case in the past of a user that opened the ghost, had it open for several hours, and then SSP crashed due to other circumstances. When booting the ghost again, OnFirstBoot was triggered as though it had never happened, and so the ghost reinitialized all of its variables and wiped the previous save data in the process.

I could handle this on the ghost side, but I worry that my attempt to do so may introduce other edge cases that prevent variables from being initialized properly. So, I wonder if it could be handled on the SSP side?

If SSP could periodically save the profile data, I think it would be helpful. Or, at the very least, if it could save it a few minutes after the firstboot has concluded so that hours of save data aren't at risk.

(It has also been the case for me several times that SSP crashing would reset the on screen positions of any ghosts I had open, which is a bit annoying. Saving this data periodically would mitigate that issue as well.)

SSP/2.6.52 (20231121-3; Windows NT 10.0.19045)
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