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Summary0000608: Odd behavior of choice tags when the choice doesn't lead to anything
DescriptionJust an odd thing I noticed while I was browsing Ukadoc. If you click on choices that don't lead to a valid event before the script has finished displaying, the balloon will disappear, but will reappear as soon as more text is displayed. This can result in a strange flickering effect if you're clicking while text is actively being typed out.

I don't think this is a high priority issue, since for users there usually won't be choice tags that don't connect to anything anyways.

Tested with this script: "\q[A choice,OnNothing]\_w[2000] Some other text"

SSP/2.6.51 (20230828-1; Windows NT 10.0.19045)
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2023-08-29 04:59

reporter   ~0001437

I should probably also note: this ghost I'm testing with is using YAYATc571-5


2023-11-21 18:12

administrator   ~0001443

2.6.52 fixed

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