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Summary0000580: More ghost-friendly url handling
DescriptionOriginally from , I thought creating the corresponding issue in bts would help us track and deal with it.
Can we add a parameter to the OnURLQuery event indicating the types of processing that ssp can do for this url, and add a new sakura script for the specified action on the specified url?
On the one hand, the MIME type is not enough for ghost to know what ssp itself can do with this url (let's say the MIME type of a page that supports rss is still text/html).
On the other hand, I would like my ghost to provide the option to process the page in the way that baseware provides when baseware can process it. and provide the most basic options if baseware doesn't know how to handle the url, like copy or open it.
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2023-03-10 16:13

administrator   ~0001400


- OnURLQuery Ref3
- \![execute,install,(URL),feed/nar/homeurl] to continue processing

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