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Summary0000579: ssp does not install nar files properly in directories that require permissions to modify them
DescriptionI don't know if this error report is a bit of an imposition, so you can close this if it's not easy to fix.

The ghost installer rather stupidly induces the user to install ssp to "C:\Program Files" by default, and it seems that in this case the normal installation of nar gives an error when unpacking.

I wonder if it would be more appropriate to pop up a prompt in this case, let's say:
1. Recommend user to move ssp to another path
2. Or request administrator rights and change the permissions of the folders and files that may be modified for a normal installation
3. Or create a folder for ssp/ghost etc. under the user's ProgramData folder for data storage
One or more of these three solutions.
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2023-12-31 15:04

administrator   ~0001449

I have already implemented a process in SSP that displays a warning when starting from a folder under the influence of UAC.

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