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Fixed in Version2.6 (リリース) 
Summary0000578: Update full check does not report 404 errors and sometimes does not report MD5 errors
DescriptionWhen doing an update full check, I've noticed on multiple occasions that issues in the network updates aren't actually reported, so I end up having to fix updates after the fact.

In the first screenshot attached, this was an example of MD5 errors showing as a warning while it was checking, but the end result was "Update OK" even though there were errors. In ghosts with a lot of files, the errors may go unnoticed because of the log limit, so it is an issue to me that the end result doesn't notify me that there were errors in the process.

Additionally, it does not flag up 404 errors for me at all. The file simply does not appear in the log, which is very easily missed. This is demonstrated in the last two screenshots (the ones for the ghost "Balloons")

SSP/2.6.30 (20230212-8; Windows NT 10.0.19045)
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