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Summary0000577: Script termination via double clicking is not working
DescriptionTerminating a ghost's script early by double clicking the balloon is no longer working. I first noticed this when trying to cancel an update I did as a test, but it applies to all scripts I have tried since. Someone else I asked is having this same issue, also.

We both noticed that at first, the balloon would oddly flicker/disappear for a fraction of a second when double clicking it, but would come back and continue the script. Now, it is not doing that for me, and double clicking simply does nothing until the script has finished.

SSP/2.6.29 (20230208-6; Windows NT 10.0.19045)
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2023-02-15 17:28

reporter   ~0001388

Update: this issue is not present if I try a different installation of SSP, but as I said, someone else had the same issue and it appeared to get worse over time, so I think it may take a while for the issue to show up.


2023-03-17 18:06

administrator   ~0001406

If new installation is fine, this may be misconfiguration problem. Please check configuration menu below.
Talk/Balloon => Balloon Config => Double Click should be "Script Break".

In my environment, when the above settings were correct, I could not reproduce such suspicious behavior of the balloon.


2023-03-18 15:20

reporter   ~0001407

It appears the settings were incorrect, perhaps I changed them by mistake without realizing. It's working correctly now. I'm not sure why I was having the issue with it disappearing and coming back for a while, but it's possible SSP or my computer needed a restart, and then the setting got changed. If anything more comes of it I'll reopen the issue. Thanks!


2023-03-19 04:09

administrator   ~0001408


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