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Summary0000573: mciaudior.dll not working
DescriptionThe link to the saori file is as follows.
I use this saori to play multiple music files at the same time, let's say to play the game's background sound with ssp's own music playing sakura script, and call this saori to play the game's sound effects.
While fixing a sound related bug today, I noticed that the saori doesn't seem to work.
Since it is compressed by upx, I tried to uncompress it to try and fix the problem, but it didn't work.
Is it possible to provide a way to use the sakura script to play multiple sounds at the same time, or to restore this saori to work?

This saori is used in roughly the following way:
    CALLSAORI('mciaudior', 'stop')
    CALLSAORI('mciaudior', 'load', 'PATH\'+_argv[0])
    CALLSAORI('mciaudior', 'play')
Music files used for testing.
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2023-02-08 16:16

reporter   ~0001384

Sorry I think I made a mistake filling in the path paramete.
This has now been fixed at, can you help me close this issue?


2023-02-08 16:27

administrator   ~0001385


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