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Summary0000572: OnGhostChanged does not fall back to OnBoot
DescriptionI am unsure if this is an issue with SSP, the YAYA as SHIORI dic files, or Ukadoc. Ukadoc says that if OnGhostChanged doesn't return anything, it will fall back to OnBoot. I do not have OnGhostChanged in my ghost, but it does not fall back to OnBoot; instead, it returns the following script:


Here are the results from the SHIORI log (I was reloading the ghost from the right click menu to test, but it happens with normal switching too):

// request
Charset: UTF-8
Sender: SSP
SenderType: internal
SecurityLevel: local
ID: OnGhostChanged
BaseID: OnBoot
Reference0: <snip>
Reference1: Goodbye.\w8\w8\e
Reference2: <snip>
Reference3: <snip>
Reference7: Default Shell

// response (Execution time : 0[ms])
SHIORI/3.0 200 OK
Sender: AYA
Charset: UTF-8
Value: \0\s[0]\1\s[10]\e

This script is not present anywhere in my ghost that I know of, unless it is in the base dic files. Additionally, I do have a script in OnBoot that it is not playing. I have noticed this issue in other ghosts of mine as well.
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2023-02-01 20:14

reporter   ~0001377

Not a reporter.
The script is returned by shiori3.dic.
I assume this is because if nothing is returned here, nothing may be displayed on non-SSP baseware.
You must define the OnGhostChanged event and redirect it to the OnBoot event.


2023-02-07 16:44

administrator   ~0001380

Fixed by YAYA system dic side.
Please update MakeEmptyResponse as below.

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