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Summary0000567: "Sticky" balloon tags
DescriptionAn issue I run into frequently is that my balloon makes use of 3 different sizes, rather than the standard 2. So, when I am making menus that use an extra large b4 balloon, I always have to add extra code to ensure that if the user isn't using my balloon, it will still use the b2 balloon and not default to the b0 (since that makes the menus very small and hard to use). But this can be a bit frustrating, since there are several balloons that also have an extra large b4 balloon, and I would like to make use of it when it's available!

So, my proposal is, it would be nice if I could make a tag "sticky" by adding something extra to it, so that if the next balloon call fails (or maybe any balloon calls for the rest of the script?), it goes back to the "sticky" tag. So like this:

\b[2*]\b[4]Some menu text

With a script like this, I imagine that if a b4 balloon exists, it uses the b4. But if no b4 exists, it remains on the b2.

Alternatively, I've just had a new thought, which would be a tag like \![set,fallbackballoon,2] which applies for the rest of the script (or until cancelled) and tells it to fall back to the specified balloon if a balloon that doesn't exist is called.

This wouldn't fix the problem for all balloons of course, since some balloons don't use the b4 as an extra large balloon, but I still think it would be useful for a fair number of them. (Otherwise, I have to write out whole lists of balloons to check for, and keep them updated over time...)
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