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Fixed in Version2.6 (リリース) 
Summary0000561: About the trayballoon timeout
DescriptionMy ghost has an hourly reminder feature, and every hour she pops up a trayballoon by default
For some reason, sometimes the timeout conversation for the trayballoon is triggered before the tryballon has disappeared
This is causing a slight annoyance to me and my ghost's users
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2022-11-06 07:56

administrator   ~0001357

It seems that timeout notification from OS is earlier than disappearing notification window, so SSP is starting timeout conversation before notification disappears.
I'll add 1 second delay before start talking. This delay will mitigate this problem but cannot completely fix.


2022-11-06 18:00

administrator   ~0001358

2.6.19 (mitigated)

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