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Summary0000540: OnDisplayChange parameter has error
DescriptionMy ghost uses OnDisplayChange to record the screen size and show it on the system information page when needed
However, today an attentive user noticed that the screen size stated by ghost does not match the screen size displayed in the system settings
It's not very urgent, but please fix it if you can
System: windows 10
ssp version: 2.6.13
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2022-09-19 21:06

administrator   ~0001318

This happens because Windows reports a false monitor size to the application for compatibility with the monitor's DPI setting.

1920px. / 1.25 (125%) = 1536px.

If we could make SSP a DPI-Aware application, it would be possible to know the real monitor size, but due to the many difficulties, this is not supported at this time.

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