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Summary0000534: Cannot move ghost preferences window at certain monitor sizes
DescriptionI have recently acquired a new monitor, which is at a different size than my other monitors. I have two displays that are 1920*1080, and my new display is 3440*1400. Now when I try to open the ghost preferences window, it opens with the top tab above the upper bound of the screen, and so I am unable to move it down. I have tried using some key combinations to move the window around, but it just stays outside the top edge. I also can't use the arrow keys to move it, because it doesn't seem to appear on my taskbar.

Some option to get this window back into the bounds of the screen would be greatly appreciated. Thankfully I think I can reach all or at least most of the options.

SSP/2.6.13 (20220802-5; Windows NT 10.0.19043)
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2022-08-31 03:09

reporter   ~0001312

My apologies, I thought I attached an image to this bug report but something must have gone wrong. This is what it looks like. No matter what monitor I move it to (I can only move it with the Windows-Shift-Left/Right key combination) it's always sticking off the top like this.


2022-08-31 03:09

reporter   ~0001313

Strange... it seems my attachment will not upload. Here's a link to it instead.


2022-09-06 11:44

administrator   ~0001314

- Click preference window
- Press Alt - Space
- You can see window manipulation menu. Please choose "move".
- You can use arrow keys to move window.

This is standard procedure for all problematic window (Windows standard key conbination).
If you have tried this and it still doesn't work, please let me know again.


2022-09-06 16:05

reporter   ~0001315

Yes, that's working fine, thank you! I've always done that by right clicking icons on the task bar, I didn't realize there was an associated key combo.


2022-09-25 16:33

administrator   ~0001328


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