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Fixed in Version2.6 (リリース) 
Summary0000500: Different behavior when minimizing from the task bar
DescriptionThis is a ghost I have recently released:

When minimizing, it plays some sound effects, some animations, and a short bit of text. Then it disappears.

This works fine if you minimize from the task *tray*, or with the minimize option in the right click menu, or even if you use the Ctrl+i shortcut.

However, if you minimize using the task *bar*, the ghost will disappear before the script is run. So you will still hear the sounds and see the text, but you won't see the animations.
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parent of 0000507 closedponapalt OnWindowStateRestore and OnWindowStateMinimize have been switched 



2022-06-01 17:06

reporter   ~0001268

Ah, I should note my version info, sorry

SSP 2.6.07
Windows NT 10.0.19043


2022-06-07 13:39

administrator   ~0001272

This behavior is by design because the OS forcibly minimizes all application windows when minimizing from taskbar.
Userland applications cannot resist this behavior.


2022-06-13 11:29

reporter   ~0001278

Ironically, because of the bug in SSP 2.6.08 that switches the OnWindowStateMinimize and OnWindowStateRestore events, my ghosts now continue to show until they have finished their minimization dialogue (provided I switch the events around to get the correct dialogue).

With that being the case, I don't understand the point of the current behavior? Because it definitely *is* possible to leave the shell visible until the minimization dialogue completes, as this bug shows. So then, if it is a choice to have minimization from the task bar act differently, why only the shell? In the previous version of SSP, my ghost's shell would be invisible, but the sounds would still play and the balloon would still show the dialogue, until the script completed and it finished minimizing.

I don't have a problem with the behavior being different if it's an intentional design choice. But it seems a bit strange to me that the balloon would still be visible and displaying text, if the intention is that the user could forcibly minimize the program by using the task bar.

(Yes, I am now potentially shooting myself in the foot lol. I value consistency, what can I say)


2022-06-13 11:30

reporter   ~0001279

22-6-12 New behavior.gif (124,332 bytes)   
22-6-12 New behavior.gif (124,332 bytes)   


2022-06-13 20:32

administrator   ~0001281


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