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Fixed in Version2.6 (リリース) 
Summary0000499: Ghost's recommended balloon is not shown with the proper separator if the user isn't using subfolders
DescriptionI didn't realize this was a bug until I recently booted up an older version of SSP.
If you have subfolders for your balloons, as I do, then you will always see the ghost's recommended balloon displayed separately at the bottom of the list.
In older versions of SSP, if you do not have subfolders, you would see the recommended balloon at the top of the list, above a separator bar.
In more recent versions of SSP, the recommended balloon is displayed at the top of the list, but it's underneath the separator bar and looks like it's just a duplicate balloon in the list.

Screenshot showing the Notes balloon is SSP/2.5.39
Screenshot showing the Purple Soul balloon is SSP/2.6.03
Screenshot showing subfolders is SSP/2.6.06
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2022-05-30 21:25

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