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Summary0000498: Error E0032 is sent as W0032, and therefore will always tell the dev that they need to specify messagetxt
DescriptionError E0032 is sent as W0032 instead, and so doesn't have an error message properly attached. You can test this by removing/renaming the request function and reloading the ghost.

YAYA Tc569-13
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2022-05-28 16:58

reporter   ~0001258

I should note: I have specified messagetxt in this case, all the other errors show correctly.


2022-05-29 02:04

reporter   ~0001259


2022-05-29 02:15

reporter   ~0001260

I'm wondering if need to add a judgment to yaya to deal with the situation where messagetxt loads successfully but some information is missing....
After all, this should be the time to: update messagetxt or contact the developer


2022-05-29 02:28

reporter   ~0001261

My goodness you are clever....
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2022-05-29 02:28

reporter   ~0001262

I think that would be a good idea. I have been very careful about updating my messagetxt each time I update YAYA, but I do think if someone were to forget to do that, this would be a confusing message.
This bug in particular caused quite a lot of confusion, since we were certain the messagetxt file was set correctly, so we weren't sure where the actual issue was for a while.


2022-05-29 02:52

reporter   ~0001263

Sorry for all the confusion, haha, messagetxt was something I came up with on a whim when I was designing the multilingual architecture for yaya, so obviously it's still not mature
My original intention was to allow each ghost to choose their own messagetxt based on their language, and to make it easier for users of niche languages to translate yaya's error messages for developers of the same language
Well, after all I think it's too inconvenient to write all the language information in the dll, and I've always been a bit OCD when it comes to hard drive usage, so it would be nice if everyone only allocated hard drive space for the part they use, and if the ghost had no intention of displaying error messages at runtime, the developers could even remove the entire messagetxt at release.
The unexpected result is that most ghosts based on yaya have all the language files in the messagetxt folder, which makes me not know whether to cry or laugh


2022-05-29 09:09

administrator   ~0001264

The messagetxt related issues became so bothersome, so I finally decided embedding the whole thing in the DLL.
yaya.dll size increased by 35KB, but I think that increase of about 35 KB is completely meaningless for 2-3 digit Mbps network speed era.

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