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Fixed in Version2.6 (リリース) 
Summary0000493: If there is a move command in OnBoot, sometimes the ghost will not appear
DescriptionI recently updated this ghost:
It now includes a move command on boot, so that the invisible characters will be in the same place as the sakura (they are stickied together to aid with certain dialogues)
However, I am now noticing that sometimes when I boot my ghost, the script will show in the script log but the ghost will not appear nor display the dialogue. If I execute the script from the script log, it works as normal.
The other developer working on this ghost has reported the same behavior, and I know I've had some strange issues with the move command before. Possibly related to the fact that I'm using \s[-1] here?
I've included some example scripts below, these are all ones where the ghost did not appear, but there is no real difference between these and scripts where the ghost does appear.

\p[2]\s[-1]\![move,--x=0,--y=0,--base=0,--option=ignore-sticky-window]\1\s[-1]\![move,--x=0,--y=0,--base=0,--option=ignore-sticky-window]\0\s[0]Hi,\w4 \_a[OnName,Nick,"legally Binding zzichqec Sr.r.r."]legally Binding zzichqec Sr.r.r.\_a

\p[2]\s[-1]\![move,--x=0,--y=0,--base=0,--option=ignore-sticky-window]\1\s[-1]\![move,--x=0,--y=0,--base=0,--option=ignore-sticky-window]\0\s[0]Hi,\w4 \_a[OnName,Nick,"Zichqqec"]Zichqqec\_a

\p[2]\s[-1]\![move,--x=0,--y=0,--base=0,--option=ignore-sticky-window]\1\s[-1]\![move,--x=0,--y=0,--base=0,--option=ignore-sticky-window]\0\s[0]Needly day to you,\w4 \_a[OnName,Nick,"21chichq3c"]21chichq3c\_a

\p[2]\s[-1]\![move,--x=0,--y=0,--base=0,--option=ignore-sticky-window]\1\s[-1]\![move,--x=0,--y=0,--base=0,--option=ignore-sticky-window]\0\s[0]Greetings,\w4 \_a[OnName,Nick,"unofficial zichqec of the Sea"]unofficial zichqec of the Sea\_a

SSP 2.6.06
Windows NT 10.0.19043
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2022-06-13 07:46

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