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Summary0000489: Custom subfolder in plugin folder is moved upon startup
DescriptionI have a subfolder called _dev/ in my plugins folder, which I use for plugins that I develop. For some reason, in the latest version of SSP, when I start SSP this subfolder is moved from the plugin folder to the headline folder. This has never happened before and it gave me quite the scare. Plus, I am currently unable to use my in-development plugins unless I were to move them outside the subfolder. I even tried renaming the subfolder to dev/ in case the underscore might be causing something strange to happen, but that didn't help.

I have my SSP set up to prompt for which ghost folders I want to load upon startup, and then prompt for which ghosts to load. The folder being moved seems to happen between these two prompts.

On the plus side, I have been given a poignant reminder to make backups of my work...
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2022-05-20 09:43

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