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Summary0000418: Some suggestions for icon animation
DescriptionI tried to add the wink in the icon animation to my ghost!
Overall the feature is perfect, there are just some small details that need to be optimized
As you can see, my "random mechanism" has a one in four chance of executing an animation every second, but in testing this has resulted in OnSurfaceRestore no longer being triggered, and I'm thinking of either making the icon animation not affect the OnSurfaceRestore countdown, or adding native random support as with shell animations
This is not very important, but it would probably be better to script the icon animation in text: in the wink animation I only used one new clip (the overframe with the eyes open and closed), but I needed to repeat these frames 4 times to represent the animation sequence, haha, and the result was that the blink animation took up 1mb of space

That's all, thanks for the update to make the icon animation easier to implement!
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2022-03-27 20:26

reporter   ~0001189

Well, let me add that it seems that this "random icon animation mechanism" in SSP 2.5.87 still prevents OnSurfaceRestore from working properly and make the dialog box disappear early
Today I had the whim to test this again in the latest version of SSP after updating to 2.5.87, so I uncommented the code.
This is still a minor thing for me, so please don't be in hurry


2023-02-19 21:55

reporter   ~0001389

Additional relevant information.
A draft of the icon animation specification is available here, feel free to refer it.

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