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Summary0000311: developer_options.txt's little error
DescriptionYou know, I wrote this in taromati2's developer_options.txt

I then encountered something strange when I made updates.txt for the 48 shells of taromati2: some shells' updates.txt were made correctly, some shells' updates.txt were deleted

It's a bit confusing, you know, either these updates.txt should all be generated properly, or they should all be deleted

Of course this doesn't affect my actions much, so it's up to you to fix it or not
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2021-10-07 11:14

administrator   ~0000777

Hmm... It may be caused by update definition cache that I've implemented recently.
Please try to delete updates.txt / updates2.dau, then re-create update definitions.

If above try is succeeded, I should refine update definition cache mechanism...


2021-10-07 11:28

reporter   ~0000778


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