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Summary0000301: Allow balloon and shell to have custom dlls to draw the interface
Some people want to use l2d in ukagaka, others want to use u3d, but this is difficult to achieve with the current ukagaka architecture
My suggestion is to make the existing shell and balloon drawing mechanism that comes with ssp a dll file and make a series of communication protocols
Then use ssp's own drawer when a shell or balloon does not have a custom drawer, and use the drawer provided by the shell or ballon when the shell or balloon does have
I think it makes sense to allow a shell or a balloon to organize its own file structure
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related to 0000183 closedponapalt allow shells to draw windows with it's own DLL 



2021-10-02 11:07

reporter   ~0000739

It's not a very urgent issue, but I think it would be a big boost to something
So please do so
If there are some architectural issues, please ask them here and I think I'll think of a response

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