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Summary0000264: Sakurascript tag to temporarily adjust text speed
DescriptionI have some functions to make text type faster or slower, but they have some limitations. (Can't use Sakurascript tags in them, function to make them talk faster makes the talk animations not work...) It would be nice to be able to adjust the text speed up or down per script, much like the \f[height] tag can temporarily change the text size (and make relative changes as well).
I think this can be a way to add a little more character to ghosts. I have a ghost that I would like to type slightly slower than normal, so I would like to be able to change the text speed every time she speaks. A relative change, though, so that if users have customized the text speed, her text speed isn't wildly different. Something like \f[speed,-2] ? Trying to do this with \w tags alone would be very difficult.
I do wonder if this might annoy users... But there are plenty of other things that can annoy users when used excessively anyways. Besides, I think with a simple tag to adjust the text speed, it would be very easy for me to add an option in my ghost to toggle speed adjustments on or off.
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2021-09-08 21:42

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2.5.23 implemented.


\\![set,balloonwait,1.5] => 150% wait

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