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Summary0000236: cloud saves of ghost&ssp profile
DescriptionWindows 10 comes with OneDrive and has 5g free capacity. Why don't we use this to provide cloud storage of ghost archive files?
Some ghost authors try to implement some functions: for example, after uninstalling ghost and installing it again, ghost keeps the memory of your last installation. This way can also do this
At the same time, this function can also be used for synchronization between home computers and office computers
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2021-08-19 16:01

reporter   ~0000569

(Not the original poster) I personally don't like the idea of cloud storage with SSP; I very much appreciate that the entire program is contained in a single folder and does not affect anything else on my computer.
Also, while this definitely would be beneficial for plenty of ghosts, I think it could mess up others (especially ones that tell a story or are very meta). At the very least, I would want a way to recognize that the ghost has been reinstalled and the save restored from the cloud so that I can choose how to handle that within the ghost, or a way to disable the cloud for my own ghosts so that it can't mess up their intended progression.
Really, it would not go well for my ghosts, since you could have the same 'person' open on two computers at once which completely breaks immersion... Two different instances of the ghost with two different save files is different from two instances that share a save file. Giving ghost devs at least some amount of control over this would be greatly appreciated, if it is added.


2021-08-19 16:43

reporter   ~0000570

1. Some people use onedrive, others use Mega sync or others. I think it would be better to allow different file synchronization platforms
2. Some ghost have realized autonomous memory recovery (by retaining information in some places)
3. Like the update, some ghost authors may want this to run in the background without notifying the user
4. How to avoid file conflict?
5. How to avoid unequal versions of saved files and ghost?


2021-08-19 16:57

reporter   ~0000571

1. When a cloud ghost instance is running, update the cloud archive and lock the cloud file of this ghost. Other machines will not be able to run this ghost (or have a serious warnings), so as to avoid multiple machines running a ghost at the same time and file conflicts
2. Allow users to set the synchronization folder location (onedrive by default), so as to provide multi platform support
3. Allow ghost to set which files need to be synchronized
4. Notify ghost when synchronization is turned on (or off), so as to allow ghost to change the archiving policy
5. Allow ghost to tell SSP through Sakura script or other after its archive file has undergone incompatible changes: instances on other machines must be updated to this version (or higher) to continue running
6. like , provide a mode that does not notify the user


2021-08-25 20:22

reporter   ~0000598

But, um, if you are running a ghost with a cloud save, how can you ensure that SSP unlocks the cloud save before the synchronization program exits when you poweroff?

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