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Summary0000227: asking for some basic settings when SSP runs for the first time
DescriptionThe options I think can ask when first run:
- File association
- Ghost display mode
- User name and gender settings

Generally speaking, as long as most users will change or need to change the options, they can be added to the initial setting list (of course, this list should not be too complicated or too professional, it well scare people)
also we can provides the option to skip: all options will run with default values
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related to 0000228 closedponapalt Show warning when SSP is running in temporary directory 



2021-08-16 13:30

administrator   ~0000558

Edit : tempdir detection separated


2022-04-29 21:48

reporter   ~0001209

Well, I've come up with something new that might enhance the new user experience

We could provide some online information on the server on the ssp website, including a list of available language packs and their corresponding download addresses
Then when ssp starts up for the first time, it checks the language settings of the runtime environment and asks the user if they want to download the package when it is available.

Similarly, perhaps we could provide different initial ghosts for different languages to interact with the user, and provide them in the same way as the language packs (supported languages and nar download addresses), which would make it easier for users of different languages to get up to speed with ukagaka-related content
As for the initial ghost, this could be done by the community of creators and contributed by them. I think a good initial ghost should at least introduce the user to what the ghost, baseware and shell are, and perhaps furthermore where the user can find more ukagaka content, etc.

Other prompts that could be displayed on initial launch.
A list of ukagaka-related software with a button to jump to downloads (and hide the corresponding item if it is installed), and any software that would make the experience better with ssp, such as LAV Filters and NAR thumbnail provider.

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