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Summary0000163: about thumbnail.png big than screen
DescriptionWhen the pixels of thumbtail.png are large than the screen, it's just...
Display part of it outside the screen
Can we add some parameters in description.txt to control the display of thumbtail.png?
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2021-06-07 11:20

administrator   ~0000380

Last edited: 2021-06-07 11:21

Thumbnail is just "thumb nail", it means small like thumb's nail.
Therefore, thumbnail that is bigger than screen is like **Titan's thumb nail** and difficult to understand demand of such huge images, so I had implemented without screen size considerations.

Please tell me why you want to use such big images, and write your request in more detail.


2021-06-07 13:31

reporter   ~0000381

Sometimes I want to make this png clearer, you know, I may have overdone it.
Or I want this to occupy half the screen (or more) to get a special visual splendour.
I'm thinking that if there are parameters to adjust the starting position and zoom size of this image (pixel version and screen percentage version), it might be better for some creators with new ideas.

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