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Summary0000162: デスクトップ解像度変更時の挙動
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2021-05-23 16:08

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2021-07-08 06:30

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2021-07-28 22:26

reporter   ~0000475

Not the original poster
I think it just needs some simple mathematical transformation through the old resolution and location, the current new resolution and the size of ghost to obtain the new location. You know, the upper left corner is the benchmark for resolution modification
Of course, if you want to make it simple, you can reset the ghost position every time when change the resolution, but I don't guarantee that someone will ask a new question in the future: "the ghost position will be reset every time you change the resolution!" like this...


2021-07-28 22:39

reporter   ~0000476

Simple draft :
If the original position is the default position at the original resolution
Take the default position at the new resolution
If multiple ghost windows overlap
Obtain the coordinates of the lower right corner of each ghost window in this group of overlaps and calculate the relative position
Take the ghost window at the bottom right corner to calculate the window coordinates, and keep the relative positions of other windows and this window unchanged
Take the coordinates of the lower right corner of the ghost window and change the scale according to the resolution

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