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Summary0000617: Calling functions with %() doesn't seem to be working
DescriptionSSP/2.6.52 (20231121-3; Windows NT 10.0.19045)
Tested with ghosts using YAYA Tc571-6

OnMenuTestA : all

OnMenuTestB : all

The following code is in OnTranslate:
    _talk = reference0
    if reference1 == "" && reference2 == "" //If this is from the input box
    { //send input box : no event (ref2) , no special flag (ref1)
        _talk = EVAL('"' + REPLACE(_talk,'"','""') + '"')

Using `\![raise,OnMenuTestA]` in script input will open the menu normally, but using `%(OnMenuTestA)` in script input will not. In previous versions of SSP, %() used to work.
The script is appearing in script log normally, and if executed from script log (or if the resulting script is pasted into script input) it will run fine. But otherwise, the tags will not execute. Sometimes I have seen the balloon briefly flicker into existence, but then it disappears again.
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