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Summary0000442: Optimisation of network updates and homeurl override installation
DescriptionHere are some things I can think of that can be optimised.
without anyone being in a hurry, so feel free & enjoy your time

For homeurl override installations, the override process can be optimised to specify the homeurl's network updates

For network updates, the following areas can be optimized:
Check for duplicate files before each download (see below for the scope of the check), and for files with the same md5 and size, skip the download and copy and paste directly after verifying that the source file is correct
Check ranges:
For ghost: all other ghost files are checked
Reason: there is a high probability of duplicate files related to shiori or saori
For shell: all shell files of the same ghost are checked
Reason: high possibility of duplication of shell files
For plugins: all other plugins and ghost files are checked
Reason: some plugins use shiori as kernel
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