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Summary0000392: Expand Balloon Test Mode
DescriptionWith the recent additions to balloons, it would be nice to eventually expand balloon test mode.

Options to choose which character's balloons will be tested would be helpful. A lot of the time I only make a balloon for a single character, so the kero's balloon just gets in the way. And with the new balloons for \p[2] and others, it would be nice if you could choose to include those balloons while in test mode.

I think it would also be helpful to show a little default text in addition to the numbers, which could show the colors of menu choices, anchors, and the disable color. These are the things I most often want to see when testing my balloons. Showing what the choice markers look like would be helpful as well, especially since each character can have their own now...

Finally, the first part of balloon test mode always uses b0/b1. I think it would be great if you could choose which balloon you wanted it to use, so that you can test larger sizes and see the number of rows and such.

I'm in no rush, I greatly appreciate the updates you've made to balloons so far! I would love to see balloon development continue to improve
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