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Summary0000372: Allow surfaces to have non-numerical names
DescriptionI fully expect this to not be possible, but on the tiny chance that it is, I'll ask anyways.
One of the biggest problems I run into when making complicated shells is trying to pick good number ranges for my surfaces. I often end up with numbers that are 6 or 7 digits long so that I can keep everything sorted. If it were possible to name them with letters and underscores, as I do with my image files, I could avoid that trouble altogether and have more easily understood surfaces.
This isn't the same as surface alias; I'm combining elements in surfaces to use as parts for animations and dressups, mostly.

Alternatively, if it were possible to specify a file path directly in an animation instead of having to define it as a separate surface, I could mostly avoid this issue...
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2022-03-12 02:37

reporter   ~0001169

Have you tried ?
With this you can theoretically change your surface id at any update without changing the statements in ghost


2022-03-13 14:39

reporter   ~0001179

I am aware of surface alias, but it does not help my problem. I have so many surfaces for so many dressup parts and animations, and they are called in so many places in surfaces.txt. I can give the image files themselves names, but I always have to assign everything a number somewhere along the line, and it gets overwhelming quickly. I spend a lot of time planning out number ranges so that nothing will overlap, and I still always end up going wrong somewhere haha.

I need to make my shells less complicated...


2022-03-14 04:49

administrator   ~0001180

I need special syntax to distinguish "named" surface definition from erroneous definitions, because I want to minimize compatibility problems.
For example : names should start 2 underscore, and can use only a-z,0-9 : surface__foo2bar


2022-03-14 18:08

reporter   ~0001181

Not the original reporter
I think two underscores is a bit ugly to start with, hmm, how about starting with # or a space? Like "surface#foo2bar" or "surface foo2bar"
By the way I don't quite understand what you mean by compatibility problems, any specific examples that people can help think about it?


2022-03-15 17:08

reporter   ~0001182

Special syntax would be fine with me. Any chance we could also use . or _ in the names? So names can be things like Surprised.Hoodie.Red, or Surprised_Hoodie_Red. This would help a lot with readability.

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