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Summary0000355: Allow user to specify the distance at which ghosts should 'stick' to the taskbar/screen edge
DescriptionWhen a ghost is moved near the taskbar or the edge of the screen, the edge of their window will 'stick', allowing you to place them perfectly on the edge. Sometimes it can be difficult to place them just right, though. Mouse sensitivity, the amount of extra transparent space on the ghost's surfaces, and other factors can make it difficult for some users. And sometimes, you may not want them to stick at all.

I think it could be helpful to add a slider in the SSP preferences that lets you choose how many pixels away ghosts have to be from an edge before they will stick, and also allow you to disable sticking completely by setting it to 0.

I am aware that there is already an option you can set for each ghost to make them stick to the taskbar all the time, but this is not desirable in certain cases.
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