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Summary0000253: narpng
DescriptionWell, the thing is, I'm playing a Japanese game recently. This game can share your favorite homemade characters through PNG "character card"
In fact, the role information is attached to the end of the PNG file. The whole "role card" is a small archive file that stores the character's info
I wonder if ghost can be shared like this?
It is feasible to attach a zip file after a PNG file. You can easily open the file in the form of a compressed package by changing the suffix name to zip. Therefore, if we specify a special file suffix, such as ".nar.png", or check the additional content every time SSP processes the image file, we can express the NAR in the form of a picture

Maybe we can be more aggressive and save ghost's homeurl to the picture, so that the volume is smaller and the function is not affected
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2021-09-28 10:23

reporter   ~0000712

There is a large company called Alibaba in China, and not long ago an employee of the company leaked a screenshot of his computer and announced to the public that the company was working overtime illegally, and that all personal information had been mosaicked.
The company then fired the employee
The technology used by the company is called "invisible watermarking", where you can put some information in the pixels of an image, but the image will look no different to the human eye
You know, it's too easy to put a few bytes of employee information in a few hundred kilobytes, but I think we could also put ghost information in a png, like homeurl
Appending data to the end of the file would work, but it's likely to disappear after the chat software has processed it, and I suppose we could use a low-profile version of the "invisible watermark" in this scenario if it was technically feasible, you know, just not as resistant to interference


2021-09-29 08:19

reporter   ~0000725

Although it has nothing to do with ukagaka, I would like to know.
1. can this "invisible watermark" be identified or removed or made unrecognisable?
2. Is Alibaba, the company, still working illegally overtime?
3. what is the follow-up situation of the employee?


2021-10-01 20:53

reporter   ~0000736
Yes I think it would be cool if ssp supported the installation of nar in png or other image format, nar authors could make nice "covers" for their nar files and this would also provide a preview of the nar content on some software
And personally I think it's very much like the "summon a genie from a card" scenario, yeah, cool
But personally I probably wouldn't want special suffixes like .nar.png, it seems a bit outrageous
I think what ssp could do is to do a "legal nar" check every time a file is dragged in, which would be aesthetically pleasing and not have much of a performance impact
As for the "invisible watermark", it's a good idea, but I don't think it's that easy to implement, and although it's a viable technique, it's a bit of a "laser gun to a mosquito" in this case


2022-02-16 11:46

reporter   ~0001119

replay: #c725
Large companies in China (not just Alibaba) have always worked overtime illegally and have done so with the tacit approval of the government, even though it is not permitted under labour law
As far as I know Alibaba's overtime is still going on
As for the employee, I don't think anyone cares about his situation, the most likely outcome is that he will be added to Alibaba's industry rejection list and no more internet companies will dare to hire him, so he will probably now be delivering goods, sweeping the streets, or living at home.
At the end, about invisible watermarks: it's not just digital images, many printers have features like this too. Colour printers have yellow dot tracking, black and white printers have micro ink dots. Theoretically any printout can be traced back to what model of printer, what serial number, and when it was printed
Not to mention digital pictures.
As far as I know Alibaba's invisible watermarking technology uses an adversarial artificial neural network and is so robust and invisible that even its builders don't know how it works in terms of technical principles: you can modify the watermarked image as much as you like: stretch it, crop it, invert it, and unless you modify it beyond recognition, brilliantly trained AI will always be able to extract the additional information
Technology is a double-edged sword, brother, and invisible watermarks can be used to target cinemas and theatres for leaked movies, or to add links that are not visible to the naked eye to many photos or even physical objects: you can simply scan them with your phone and be redirected to the purchase page
Or it can make your screen recordings, your screenshots trackable, so that big companies can find the leaker if they want to.
It all depends on the person using the technology and not the technology itself

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