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Summary0000247: Some suggestions for speech recognition
DescriptionI just came into contact with SSP's speech recognition today. It's really a great function
Here are some suggestions. Supporting these may make it better
1. New speech recognition mode
Conversational speech recognition is a function that can improve the user experience. When speech recognition starts, the software sends a prompt tone to indicate the beginning of speech recognition, and plays another prompt tone after this conversation, and then processes it
2. Turn on or off the speech recognition function through Sakura script
Ghost can provide a switch!
3. Voice wake-up
Allow ghost to set specific voice keywords to enter a function - whether ghost is in a conversation or standing in a daze
4. Hidden voice options
Provide a sakura script to add options for speech recognition: for example, I want to use the three keywords "single cycle", "list cycle" and "sequential play" in the speech recognition of the music player, but this is very useful when I only want to provide one mode button in the UI interface
5. option but not in speech recognition
There are some options I don't want it to be voice recognized, but I want to provide such buttons in the UI
6. When the options provided by the current entity are not matched, the options of other roles are matched
When both roles of a ghost open the UI, I want to consider another UI after my current statement does not match the UI button provided by the current subject
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2021-08-25 20:38

reporter   ~0000599

And also, I think it would be better if user can specify the sound synthesis engine for each ghost

(It would be great if ghost could provide its own voice synthesis mechanism to ssp. As far as I know, Microsoft's own voice synthesis function can't load the voice package)


2021-09-10 10:07

reporter   ~0000665

Some additions: I think if there are some new sakura tag allows some text to be played out by a language engine (independent of speech synthesis settings), it will be more convenient for ghost authors to realize some functions, such as text reading of novel readers

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